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What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is raw garlic that has been caramelized under controlled low-temperature, high-humidity conditions for 2 weeks or more.  The cloves become tender, gummy bear like, and black in color.

Regular Vs my Prickly Pear

You can see the color difference in the regular black garlic and the prickly pear version.

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I first heard about Black Garlic on the cartoon Bob’s Burgers.

After a quick Google search I learned it did not grow black but was cooked.

I had to try it.

Keep in mind that its flavor is much milder than raw garlic and you will need to use more if substituting for raw garlic in recipe. And, has the best flavor when added after cooking (exception is when used as a meat rub or in marinade)

Unopened, it can be stored at room temperature in a sealed bag or container for many months. Store with a paper towel to catch the weeping, change often to prevent mold. Black Garlic in my personal stash has lasted 4 months, after that the cloves are really dry.