Category: Other Versions of BG

  • Prickly Pear Black Garlic

    I really liked the regular black garlic but I knew I could do more with it. I searched Google for other ways to make it but came up with nothing, so I had to wing it. Being a fan of Prickly Pear tea, jam, syrup, etc…(and also having a big jug of it on hand)…

  • Heineken Black Garlic

    Using Heineken this time, if I remember right that is the beer Katie said she liked. So these are all for her if I am correct. (I was not) It turned out pretty good, and Katie liked it even though I got the beer wrong. I made her some with the right kind in the…

  • Plain Black Garlic

    This is just plain old black garlic, It is good and worth trying. I do not make it much anymore because I am doing something new and don’t have room.